As We Welcome 2013…

Here’s wishing you and your near & dear ones a very Happy, Healthy, Peaceful & Prosperous New Year from all of us here at Arrka.

A few days ago, our team at Arrka went out for dinner where the conversation turned to reflecting on the year gone by and what we wished for in the coming year. Over some mouth-watering tandoori prawns and galouti kababs, we started talking about the various SIMPLE practices & precautions we really really wished our friends & families, our clients and, indeed, every “digital citizen” out there would adopt or continue to follow in 2013 – which would go a long way in keeping them secure in today’s world.

As I headed back, I thought I should share these ‘Seven Commandments’ with everyone.

So, as you greet 2013 with the latest laptop, smartphone, tablet or your good old PC; spend time on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter; shop or play games or do your banking/trading/etc online; or just use credit /debit/ ATM cards in your regular day-to-day life, here are team Arrka’s wishes & hopes for you:

  1. We hope you continue to be “smart” about passwords and manage them well. Use passwords containing numbers & special characters, change them regularly and DO NOT use the same password across your important accounts
  2. We wish you pay adequate attention to the security upkeep of all your devices – take regular data back-ups, install & maintain a good AntiVirus/AntiMalware, regularly patch/update apps & software, etc
  3. We pray that you learn to be NOT “click-happy” – clicking on every link and attachment that comes your way, even if it is from a close trustworthy person. Most malware & other ‘bad stuff’ spreads this way…with you not even getting a whiff of what is happening. We especially hope you will learn to wary of ‘phishing’ mails – being lured by seemingly ‘mighty’ and trusted entities like banks, the Income Tax dept, etc to click on an attachment or give your pins & passwords.
  4. We hope more folks would be careful about whom they give out their personal data to – whether it is online or to random folks walking up to you in malls urging you to take part in a lucky draw.
  5. And, on the flipside, we hope organisations would be more careful with the personal data they collect and store, adequately ensuring its security & privacy
  6. We look forward to a greater number of parents ‘taking care’ of their kids online. Be aware of what they do, educate them about do’s and don’ts and install parental controls for the younger ones so they don’t inadvertently do wrong stuff.
  7. We wish more organisations – even if they have just, say, ten employees – ensure they adopt basic “good practices” via their policies, processes and technology so that they minimize the Information risks – known & unknown – that they are exposed to.

To help elaborate and spread the message further, we’ve also got a small ‘ready-reckoner’ of do’s and don’t’s that we had put together earlier in the year. You can download it at Do feel free to share and spread the word to make the digital world more secure.

Posted By Shivangi Nadkarni, CEO, Arrka Consulting
@shivanginadkarn, @arrka2


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